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Find The Right Speakers To Fit Your Car

Find The Right Speakers To Fit Your Car

There's nothing better than an awesome ride with superior sound. Purchasing the right speakers allows you to not only hear the music, but feel the music. High quality sounds need quality speakers that can meet or exceed the requirements of your vehicle. Here's how to find what you need.

Finding a Store

You need to find a car stereo store that has a wide variety of auto speakers. You may not know what to look for, but when you are ready, you know where to go. Car stereo stores vary by state and equipment. Some stores only carry specific brands of auto stereos while others may have every brand of speaker known to mankind. Variety is always a good thing, so look for a store that carries more than the popular speaker brands.


Most speakers that are factory-installed should use speakers that have high sensitivity ratings. Some people have high power systems that will benefit from speakers that have low sensitivity ratings. When it comes to speakers for your car, you want the best sound available. Many drivers want to ride and hear the music even when they have the windows down. Selecting the correct car speakers will give you crystal-clear, high-quality sound.


You need to know how much sound your vehicle can handle. A lot of people ride around with what sounds like static in their music because they have blown the speakers. Their car speakers could not handle the bass and other instances in the music. Power-handling makes a significant difference when it comes to the sound of the music and how loud you can play it. Low-powered systems do not require a high amount of sound. Vehicles that have powerful external amps require a lot of power and will benefit from low sensitivity speakers.

Speaker Sensitvity

Types of Speakers

There are a few different types of speakers. Finding the speakers you need for your vehicle can be a complicated task. When you have a general idea of the speaker types available, you can make a decision based on your knowledge. Here are a few different speaker types:


Full-range speakers possess every speaker element available. In other words, these speakers have it all. They are simple but hold a lot of power. They have a woofer and mounted tweeter. There is more than one model of full-range speaker. Other models may contain special drivers, including super tweeter and midrange. Full-range speakers are available in various sizes to help make customizing your vehicle's sound easier. Most speakers of this stature can be easily mounted where factory speakers are located.


Component speakers are designed to give a vehicle the best, highest quality sound available. Many people are fond of component speakers because of how they work in concert with each other. A component speaker includes many components, including external crossovers, tweeters and woofers that are separate.

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Durability and sound quality depend upon the speaker materials that are used. Basic speaker materials include surround, woofer and tweeter. All of these materials work together to give a vehicle the best sound quality.