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A Guide to Upgrading Your Tires and Rims

A Guide to Upgrading Your Tires and Rims

Changing your tires and rims is the fastest, most effective way to upgrade the safety, performance and appearance of your vehicle. The size and quality of the tires and rims you choose has the greatest effect on those important characteristics. Luckily, you can work with licensed dealers at a car accessory store to receive personalized upgrade information for your exact vehicle specifications.

Exploring Reasons to Upgrade

Although the stock wheels on your car meet the needs of the average consumer, you must seek upgrades to configure your vehicle for a specific purpose or improve its looks. You might also want to seek replacements as these components age or develop damage from direct contact with curbs, pothole edges or roadway debris.  

A high quality tire and rim upgrade will:

  • Improve safety
  • Maximize performance
  • Boost aesthetics

You must seek replacements through an authorized dealer to obtain the best components for your specific vehicle year, make and model.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Tires

Choosing A Tire And Rim Size

Tire and rim sizes directly influence the way your vehicle rides and maintains grip on the roadway. You must select wheels that are wide enough to create a supportive contact patch without increasing rolling resistance too much.

If your wheel sizes are mismatched with your vehicle's power output, it could put excessive strain on your transmission and drive train, resulting in damaged components. On the other hand, extremely narrow wheels reduce your vehicle's handling capabilities on a variety of road surfaces.  

The width and height of the wheels also dramatically change the stance of your vehicle. Your licensed dealer can assist in finding a combination that will improve your vehicle's appearance and performance.

Selecting The Right Type of Rubber

Your local climate and driving style also comes into play when selecting a tire brand and type. Tires come in all season, winter and summer configurations to perform well in different weather conditions.

The all season tires maximize your vehicle's handling characteristics in wet, dry and lightly snowy conditions. Winter tires are required if your area develops thick layers of snow or ice on the roadway. Summer tires only perform well in rainy or dry conditions. A dip to freezing conditions instantly negates the grip and handling improvements offered by summer tire compounds.

Picking Your Ideal Rim Style

After selecting your tire size and type, you must settle on the perfect rim style for your ride. Beyond making sure the rims are the right circumference and width, you can use your personal preferences to select from the available style options. If you have trouble finding an ideal design, your licensed dealer can help lead you to classic or modern styles that fit your preferences.

Going Through Authorized Dealers

Although online retailers may occasionally offer better deals, they cannot match the level of service and expertise offered by licensed retailers. Authorized dealers offer access to the knowledge you need to pick the ideal rim and tire size for your vehicle's build and intended purpose. Whether you will use your vehicle for commuting, racing, car shows or other activities directly influences the best type of rims and tires to select. Once you find your ideal setup, you can then order the tires from your preferred auto parts store for future install by a professional.

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