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What Are the Latest Trends in Car Audio?

What Are the Latest Trends in Car Audio?

A car without music is like a drum without a drummer. The right sound system can enhance your listening experience and increase your appreciation for quality music. The best way to get quality sound out of your car is to take matters into your own hands with customized options. At Soundz Good Custom, we have a huge selection of car audio parts and equipment. So what are the latest trends in car audio these days? Keep reading to find out. 

Bluetooth Streaming 

Do you remember when built-in auxiliary ports in cars were all the rage? While they still provide a good way to listen to music in your car, Bluetooth streaming is fast replacing them as the favorite method for playing good tunes while driving. In fact, many newer cars are coming with Bluetooth capability built into them as manufacturers try to stay ahead of the game. 

With Bluetooth, the music signal fro your cellphone or MP3 player is broadcast wirelessly from the Bluetooth transmitter to a Bluetooth receiver. The technology used via this form of streaming is superior to most FM transmitters, which we all flocked to in earlier years as a way to transmit music wirelessly in the car. Because their signals are digital transmissions, Bluetooth signals are capable of carrying more information, resulting in rendering better sound quality. This type of connection is also great at blocking most unwanted signals/interference. 

What's great about this option is that if you receive a call from a friend while driving, your phone will automatically pause the music, allow you to answer through the car's system, chat, and then pick up right where it left off the second you hang up. You never miss a beat with Bluetooth streaming. 

Bluetooth Streaming Remains Popular

Smartphone Integration 

For many drivers, Bluetooth might soon be the aging dinosaur in the room as Apple and Android introduce their own entertainment systems. 

Apple CarPlay, an in-dash infotainment system, allows drivers to control music and certain phone functions with either Siri or other built in controls. With Apple CarPlay, you simply have to plug your iPhone into your car's USB port to access its features. All of your favorite music apps such as Rdio and Spotify are there, as well as your iTunes library and Apple Music. Click on an app to open it and access your music library, or ask Siri to play your favorite songs and she'll queue them up from Apple Music. 

Following Apple CarPlay, Android decided to announce Android Auto. Android users can use the system to find and select their favorite songs much in the same way, using third party apps or Google Play music. Both systems are making their ways into 2015 and 2016 models of cars, including Honda, Hyundai, Volvo and luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. 

Soundz Good Custom 

At Soundz Good Custom, we help our customers get the most from their music by offering them the best products at the best possible prices. Invest in a system that never gets old, just better. Stop by our shop today to find out how you can take your car's audio system to the next level.