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Make Sure Your Rims Stay Unharmed During Mounting and Balancing

Make Sure Your Rims Stay Unharmed During Mounting and Balancing

When you go into an auto parts store, it’s important to know they can take care of your vehicle how you would. At Soundz Good Custom, we’re able to help you with an array of car parts ranging from stereos to wheels. We can also help with the mounting and balancing, and ensure that your rims aren’t scratched in the process.

Why Wheels Get Scratched in the Shop

You spend good money on your wheels. When you take your car into a tire shop, the technician may be untrained or under trained, which may lead to something going wrong. All it takes is one slip of the tool and your wheel can get scratched up. This can cost you a lot of money to get repaired and make your day go from good to bad almost instantly.

One common mistake is what’s known as head drag. When the mounting head guides the tire sidewall over the lip of the wheel, it has to lock closed without touching. However, on some tire sidewalls that are low profile, there is enough force being exerted that the head can flex and it will touch the wheel. If the technician doesn’t notice, you could end up with a long scrape that looks like curb rash.

Another mishap that can happen is a bar may snap if the pry bar accidentally slams into the wheel when it is being used on the mounting head. When this happens, a sizable chip of the paint can often be seen.

Work With Us and the Balance Will Be Better When You Drove In

Our Process

At Soundz Good Custom, we have a state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force balance machine as well as a Hunter Auto34 tire mounting machine. These allow us to mount and balance without any risk of scuffs or scratches. We are proud to offer this invaluable equipment and look forward to having our vehicle specialists work with you.

By using this equipment, our technicians aren’t using tools that can’t be controlled. This ensures that a lot of the issues that could otherwise happen are virtually eliminated. You can feel safer putting your wheels in our hands knowing that we are going to be able to mount and balance much faster, and without risk of scratching up your rims. The equipment offers self-calibration, and setup errors are eliminated during the centering process as well. You will find that the balance is better and you can drive away knowing your wheels look as good as when you drove in.

Scheduling the Mount and Balance

Call or stop into our Norwalk location. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to bring your vehicle in to mount and balance your wheels. You can finance your new sound system, wheel package or any other ride upgrade for just $40 down. Our financing is easy to qualify for. We also have holiday specials, including $200 off all wheels and tires and $50 off window tinting services.