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Advantages of Lowering Your Car, Truck or SUV

Advantages of Lowering Your Car, Truck or SUV

Lifting and lowering a car, truck or SUV can be the ultimate gift for a car enthusiast. At Soundz Good Custom, we have the professionals to help with this service and we have been doing it for more than 20 years. Why should you do it, other than because it looks sweet? Keep reading to find out.

Car Suspension Technology

Cars can be lowered without having to make a considerable sacrifice on ride quality and handling. There are manufacturers that have spent millions of dollars researching and developing better parts so that it’s possible to lift and lower a car and ensure that it handles better than ever.

The technology behind car suspension has changed dramatically over the years. While you may not find what you need at other auto parts stores, you can be sure that we have what’s needed. We can ensure that your springs are lowered and the suspension is adjusted for a comfortable ride and sportier handling.

Lowering Your car's Suspension Can Increase its Stability

The Benefits of Lowered Suspension

It may be surprising to learn that there are quite a few benefits to lowered suspension. One of the first things you'll notice is an increase in the visual appeal of your vehicle. If you're not happy with the look of your car or SUV, lowering it can help give it a sportier, more aggressive look.

The lower center of gravity is also going to increase the vehicle's stability through turns and help with any kind of emergency maneuvers that may need to be made. Your car will be much more likely to sit flat through the turns and may, in fact, handle better. This is not always the case, so that's why it’s so important to make sure a professional handles the task of lowering your vehicle.

Finally, your vehicle is going to be more aerodynamic. There is going to be less air traveling underneath the car as you drive, and that is going to reduce the amount of drag that the vehicle is exposed to. You may find that you can enjoy greater speed and performance as a result.

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Not everyone will benefit from lowering their car, but if it’s something you’ve thought about, be sure to explore the options a little more. At Soundz Good Custom, we’re happy to take a look and offer our expert recommendations.

You can visit us at Soundz Good Custom seven days per week at your convenience to learn more about lifting and lowering any vehicle you have. Plus, we’re happy to provide you with financing, making it easier to afford the custom service. As little as $40 down will allow you to upgrade to your ride, a sound system, or wheel package. We are currently offering $200 off of wheels and tires as well as $50 off window tinting.